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More Moody Radio

More Moody Radio

Moody Radio has worked hard to create programming to help you take your next step with Christ and utilize new technologies to deliver that programming to you. A variety of listening options enable you to enjoy Moody Radio:

89.3 FM

This is our stereo analog signal, available on 89.3 FM on traditional radios.

Internet Channels

Moody Radio offers multiple Internet channels as well as downloadable content. Options range from our Praise and Worship channel to archived audio of Midday Connection, Ranger Bill, Sailor Sam, and more. Additionally, many programs offer podcasts.

HD Radio Channels

Moody Radio Chicago is broadcasting three HD channels, offering programming for the entire family.

  • HD1 is 90.1 FM WMBI in full digital sound.
  • HD2 is Moody Radio's 24/7 Praise and Worship music channel.
  • HD3 is His Kids Radio, a 24/7 children's program channel.

HD radio offers a digital quality broadcast with a clearer sound than analog. There is no station drop-off and no static or hiss. While you must be in the coverage range of the HD signal, signal strength is the same digital sound throughout the range. There is no "weak signal" at the fringe of the coverage area. There are no monthly fees for HD radio, just a one-time purchase of an HD Radio. These HD radios are portable, available for your car and home, and are available from many different retailers.

Moody Wi-Fi Family Radio

The Wi-Fi Family Radio is a wireless Internet radio that will give you the most listening options and flexibility. The Wi-Fi Family Radio is portable, so you can hear Moody Radio programming anywhere direct access to wireless Internet is available! The radio comes programmed with 90.1 FM WMBI, the Praise and Worship channel, His Kids Radio and the Majesty Radio channel. There are also buttons programmed for listening to programs such as Midday Connection and PrimeTime America on demand. And there are even options for you to preset your other favorite Internet channels. There are no monthly fees, just the one-time cost for the radio. For more information, please visit the Moody Wi-Fi Family Radio website.

iPhone Application

Moody Radio is pleased to announce an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Listen live to your local Moody Radio station or your favorite Moody Radio programs including Midday Connection, Chris Fabry Live! and Moody Presents without downloading or syncing. You can also listen to Moody Radio’s Internet Radio Channels such as Praise and Worship, Majesty Radio and Proclaim!.

A program schedule is included to show you when to listen live to your favorite programs. Did you miss a program you wanted to hear? Stream it live whenever you want. You can also share the program description and a link to listen with friends via e-mail.

The app is available as a free download in the iTunes Store. Download your Moody Radio iPhone app today.

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