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3/22/2017   There are 18 countries that don’t have a single one of these. What is it?    A River, including the Bahamas, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
3/21/2017   This is more likely to make men cry than women. What is it?    A performance review at work 
3/20/2017   A new survey finds people like it when they do this but hate it when you do this. What is it?   Take or Post Selfies

In a survey of couples, nearly 50% of people admitted they've secretly done THIS. What is THIS?

  Watched a TV show or movie that they were supposed to watch with their significant other.

About 15% of people surveyed have done this every day at work for the past two years.


Packed the same lunch

3/08/2017   This was the “must-have” item in 16th century Europe. What is it?   A Pineapple


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