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2/17/2017   A waiter or waitress who does THIS will increase their tip by 20%... What is it?   Drawing a smiley face on the check.
2/16/2017   20% of employers have admitted to doing THIS, What is it?   Drive by their house to see if they're really sick.
2/15/2017   60% of people say THIS was their favorite thing to play with as a kid. What is it?    A Cardboard box.
2/13/2017    80% of us will experience THIS during our morning commute.. What is it?   Spilled Coffee!
2/09/2017    According to a survey, there are only 3 days a month that most adults DON’T DO THIS…What is it?   Spend Money!
2/08/2017    According to a survey, 20% of people use the cup holder in their car for THIS.. What is it   Trash!
2/07/2017    According to a survey, you're likely to eat 40% more calories than normal when you eat HERE. Where is it?    The Movie Theater!


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