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7/20/2017   THIS food wasn't always considered a luxury item. What is it?   Lobster!
7/18/2017   People who do THIS more often tend to be more kind and understanding. What is it?   Read Books!
7/17/2017   This popular snack food is comprised of 68% air, what is it?   The Twinkie!
7/13/2017   It takes the average person 7 minutes to do this, what is it   Fall Asleep
7/12/2017   2/3 of the world's amount of this particular food is grown in New Jersey, what is it?   Eggplant!
7/11/2017   This food item is one of the ingredients in dynamite, what is it?   Peanuts!
7/10/2017   A recent survey found that 33% of dog owners have admitted to doing this, what is it?   Talked to their dog on the phone!
7/07/2017   It's estimated that a man will do this for 3,500 hours during his lifetime, what is it?   Shave
7/06/2017   A recent survey showed 75% of women do this everyday, while only 45% of men do it every day. What is it?   Make their bed!
7/05/2017   On average, a person does this 15 times a day, what is it?   Laughs


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