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4/20/2017   Grocery stores sell 5.5 billion dollars worth of THESE items every single year. What is it?   Candy Bars at the Register
4/19/2017   The average person stops doing THIS at age 31. What is it?   Having Birthday Parties
4/18/2017   About a third of little girls want to be a princess. One in seven little boys want to be THIS. what is it?   A Cowboy
4/17/2017   Six percent of women have done this while working out. What have they done?   Shopped Online
4/14/2017   40% of women will try to improve their appearance by using THIS item found in the kitchen. What is it?   Lemon Juice
4/13/2017   14% of people are addicted to eating THIS. What is it?   Cucmbers


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